I’m Stan Steverink

Founder and Director of

At CircleRadius, we shape tomorrow’s leadership – more sustainable, more inclusive and more courageous. We specialize in developing talented senior leaders – the top of tomorrow. For HR, we are a sparring partner and facilitate the Circle HRD community. Together, we shape tomorrow’s leadership. And we need it today.

We are recognized for

Aligning with strategic agendas

by always keeping a sharp eye on the overall purpose, goals, and ambitions of the business.

Like working with a colleague

who offers an external viewpoint and international benchmarking against other leading organizations.

Strong stakeholder management

to understand top management preferences and how best to position leadership development.

Operating within a network of partners

with global coverage, to find the right person, agency, or institute for the job.


CircleRadius builds on more than 40 years, and two generations, of leadership development:

  • 1977:Leo Steverink starts his career in management development at the Heidemij (now Arcadis) and later becomes responsible for management development at Heineken.
  • 1987:Leo Steverink leaves Heineken to start International Management Education Consultancy (IMEC) and the Circle – a peer-to-peer community for HR Development Managers.
  • 2002:Stan Steverink joins Leo at IMEC, and the two work to grow the agency and the Circle community.
  • 2012:An acquisition and merger with Hay Group enables a broader leadership development portfolio and global reach.
  • 2016:Leo retires, and Stan resigns with Hay Group to relaunch the agency and Circle community under the name CircleRadius.
  • 2023:CircleRadius launches the new purpose 'Shaping tomorrow's leadership. Together' and focuses on developing senior and mid-level leadership talent - tomorrow's top leaders.


The quality of leadership development depends on the people involved. Over the years, we have carefully grown our core crew and global network of partners and experts.


Core crew