Leadership Development

At CircleRadius, we work with business leaders and key teams. We specialize in developing talented senior and mid-level leaders – the top leaders of tomorrow. We support them in shaping a brighter future for businesses and society through leadership that is more sustainable, inclusive, and courageous.

We focus on three leadership foundations:

We help leaders understand key drivers of socioeconomic change and strategic choices, and challenge on their personal contribution to a shared and sustainable future. We strengthen visionary and strategic capacity, and learn new ways of working to make it happen.


To drive lasting impact, these foundations come together in custom designed development journeys, programs, or eco-systems. Each design balances the intimacy of in-person experiences that offer deeper development work and group connection, with the efficiency, rhythm, and scale of virtual sessions and digital solutions.

Each design:

Involves the best experts and partners.

We are not restricted to one core faculty, like business schools or large agencies. Instead, we benefit from the most qualified experts from different institutions, our own network, and bespoke searches.

Takes a systemic approach.

We involve key stakeholders (direct managers, top management, local HR) and integrate journeys with daily work, key projects, and private life to create a learning environment with a lasting impact.

Prioritizes holistic development.

A richer life that balances work, personal fulfillment, family, and community leads to better leadership. We focus on strengthening mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Pays attention to the basics.

Leadership always requires coaching, feedback, dialogue, and reflection.

We are recognized for

  • Building a lasting leadership foundation not based on singular concepts or trends
  • Our drive to make learning journeys unforgettable
  • Working with us, feels like working with colleagues



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Executive and talent development

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