Sparring Partners

We are sparring partners for HR, in every aspect of leadership development – from strategic and conceptual help to more hands-on assistance. This ranges from aligning leadership development approaches with business strategies, trends and top management agendas, to co-designing programs and searching for the right speakers and partners.

We help HR to:

  • Align leadership development with strategic agendas
  • Engage the right experts, speakers and partners
  • Understand top management preferences
  • Benchmark against other organizations

Our approach

It doesn’t matter which aspect of leadership development you wish to focus on. We have tons of experience in these matters and a huge network to help solve any issue you might have. It can be anything ranging from translating new ambitions to leadership development, building an ecosystem of best in class partners for executive development, to searching for the right speakers and partners for your leadership programs.



Designing senior and mid-level programs and seeking right speakers

Shaping the contours of an internal senior leadership program

Determining key ingredients for executive development


Refreshing overall leadership development approach

Assisting with designing a leadership event

Assisting in design and shape of talent development approach

Oxfam Novib

Researching talent development supporting UN sustainable development goals

Designing senior program and finding the right speakers/partners

Co-designing Future of Work initiative

Van Oord

Refreshing leadership profile and development approach


Executive and talent development